Saturday, August 8, 2009


My friend 's daughter turned 16 and they made her party extra special for her. They had a Hawaiian theme with beach sheet cakes, tons of guests, authentic dancers, and good food. The birthday girl wanted her own personal cake and that's where I came in. Aloha!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rainbow Trout

For Father's Day I mad my fabulous hubby a fish. He is an excellent fly fisherman and he has caught fish that are bigger than this cake!


Gen is a bubbly, fun, energetic friend and I tried to capture that in her birthday cake.

Flip Flops


My cute neighbor girls had their birthdays very close together so I cranked out these babies. Their guests got to decorate their own pair of rubber flip flops and take home as party favors which was why this design was chosen.

4th of July

I saw this cake in a magazine a few years ago and it has stuck with me since. I love the 4th and so celebrating with a cake makes it even better for me.


My good friend really likes these sparrows and I wanted her cake to look classy and sophisticated like her so this is what I came up with.


This was the most difficult cake I've made yet. I have to admit it was a lot of fun to make just thinking about how excited the little birthday boy would be when he saw it. It took one sheet cake to make the system and even the remotes.I'd have to say the remote are my favorite.


As sisters, we try to get together for each other's birthdays and this is what I made for Ang's. She is a very sassy, fashion savvy woman so I thought this fit her well.

Spring Cake

This was for our family Easter get together. The mini roses are made with fondant and the not so piping is done on top of fondant with icing.


My husband loves to spear fish. Him and his buddy try to go as much as we wives will let them. It's actually kind of a dangerous/adventurous hobby that has caused a lot of worry.... So for this certain buddy's birthday I made this one.

Baptism Cake

Some great friends of ours got baptized and I wanted them to have something special from me. I got the design from their invitations.


My neighbor is a little league baseball coach so I thought this would be fitting for his birthday!


Carson is my first born. He loves animals! For his birthday we took him to the zoo and I wanted a cake to contribute to the theme of the day. The elephant's face is just icing, but everything else is made from fondant.


This one was for my daughter's first birthday. She is such a beautiful, happy girl and I wanted something to reflect that. She has light blue outfit that I love her in with flowers lining the bottom which is where I got my inspiration.

Baby Surprise

Cake number two was made for a good friend's baby shower, she didn't know what she was having so I tried to make it gender neutral, even though I was banking on her being a girl.


The first cake I made was in March 09 for my beautiful sister Amy. I wanted her to have something to know how much I love her, so I threw my all into a cake. She loved it, bless her charitable heart, and was very impressed. I have come a long way since then:)