Saturday, May 7, 2011

One year!!

My baby just turned one! I can't even believe how fast time slips away in that first year of life. I wanted him to have a puppy cake since he reminds me of a little puppy. When I give him kisses, he licks my face, he crawls behind me following through the house, he lights up when you walk into the room, and of course he is so sweet.
The cake is confetti cake with sugar-free butter cream frosting. The puppy is make of fondant and the dog house is made of rice cereal and covered in fondant.

Super Hero Cake

This cake was for my oldest son's 5th birthday. He couldn't decide which super hero he wanted to highlight so we did his top 3 faves! Since he is a super kid, I added a Super Carson flying aroud the top. His only complaint about his cake was it was too small. I guess next year I'll "Super" size it :)
The bottom layer is a dummy cake, the middle tier is chocolate with chocolate frosting, and the top is made of rice cereal. The buildings on the top are made of gum paste.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dora the Explorer Cake

I can't believe my sweet princess is turning 3, I swear she should be turning 5 or 13. She loves princesses, but lately she has been getting really into Dora the Explorer. She has gone back ad forth between which one she wanted for a cake. I thought I had persuaded her the best I could into a princess cake, but at last minute she opted for Dora. I was a little bummed, but I actually had way more fun with it than I thought I would, and most importantly, she loves it! We can't wait to celebrate her birthday tomorrow with our Dora Adventure Party!
Since she is all girly girl, I made a strawberry cake covered in strawberry butter cream so it will be all pink when we cut into it. The bottom layer is a dummy cake since our party will be rather small. The flowers, trees, letters, stars, and grass is made out of gum paste and everything else is fondant.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I won!

I don't really know what this is or what it means, but I have the honor of winning it. One of my many beautiful sisters, Amy, nominated me. She is an amazing writer. Check her out.
Here's the thing...
Apparently I am supposed to reveal some interesting tid bits about myself that most people wouldn't know. Here goes.
-I HATE Spaghettios and Wal Mart
-I've recently learned to love sushi.
-I get fairly emotional and cranky after 10 pm.
-I have fallen asleep during a romantic dinner in Hawaii.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bachelor Party

I've never really gotten into watching "The Bachelor", but I have a friend who is throwing a season finale party to see whether he chooses Emily or Chantel. So intense. A big part of the show is the rose ceremony. Whoever he chooses to stay gets a rose. So I made a rose to represent that and many small ones so that each guest will receive their own rose. Pretty sappy, ehh?
This heart shaped cake is chocolate with caramel filling and topped with vanilla buttercream. Sounds different, but it is super yummy!

Baby Noah

,cMy friend asked me to make a cake for her good friend who has recently had a baby. She is a zoologist by profession and named her sweet boy Noah. So of course a Noah's Ark cake is the most logical thing I can think of. This is the most detail I've ever put into a cake and it took me about 8-9 hours, but I think it was worth it. I really liked the way it turned out.
The top layer is made out of Rice Cereal and the bottom is a yellow cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. The animals are made out of gum paste and everything else is Wilton fondant.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Boy Blessing Cake

My friend just blessed her sweet baby last Sunday and was nice enough to let me force a cake onto her. I have been learning to make roses without molds and wanted to throw them onto a cake. Here it is. The fondant is Wilton Fondant. So much harder to roll out, but it looks so much cleaner than my homemade mm fondant.