Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who ya gonna call?

Not me if you want a Ghostbusters Cake!
I am clearly a novice and this cake is proof. The more cakes I make, the more I wonder why. I'm not having a pity part, but I'm just not that great. I am really great at being creative and coming up with grand ideas, but my execution isn't something to sing about in the streets. I love doing it though so I will continue, practice, and get better.
Anywho, my friend's son had a Ghostbusters themed party. I could've made it all out of fondant, but I wanted to challenge myself and do something different. I wanted the red sign to really pop so I used cherry Jello. I also wanted it to be dark behind the ghost so I used melted chocolate. I didn't leave myself any time for error so this is the result.

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